Three More Muses

Bonjour, continuing the brief Muse profiles started in last post. When they are all introduced they’ll be reordered to make an elemental story of the human experience.

Euterpe is the Muse of lyric poetry.

While it is said that Euterpe carried a flute, I can’t imagine how she could sing or recite lyrics with a wind instrument at her mouth. Bards accompany themselves with string instruments, so just for this incarnation, Euterpe plays the harp.

The harp she has here is not “period” classical Greece. Muses have always and everywhere existed for artists, and are not bound to one historical guise.

Melpomene is the Muse of tragedy.

Thaleia is the Muse of comedy.

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  1. Peggy Gray says:

    Beautiful! Are these going to be in your show at the Artisans Market?


    1. Thank you Peggy!
      And thank you for asking — no, they won’t be part of that exhibit, but will be on view during the Washington County Open Studio Tour Fri-Sun July 19-21 Maybe you can come by then!
      Best to you,


  2. Claire says:

    Your muses are beautiful fabulous wow !! You have such talent TY for sharing


    1. Thank you Claire!


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