Nine Muses, part III

A brief introduction to the remaining Muses…

Kalliope (or Kalliopeia) is translated as “Beautiful-voiced”. Kalliope is the Muse of epic poetry. She is also the mother of Orpheus.

In this image, clearly there is a lot going on, before and after this instant. An epic in progress.

Kleio is the Muse of history.

This image is of two different scripts juxtaposed, alternating two lines of each. They are used to transcribe two different points of view: one of an ancient Greek poet, the other of a contemporary poet. Both are women. The first script is Greek Linear B used as the sounds they represent to roughly transcribe an english translation; the other is one I have evolved over several years.

Polymnia is the Muse of joyous choral singing. Songbirds come instantly to mind.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Claire says:

    Tes tableaux sont magnifiques !


    1. Merci tres beaucoups ma Cherie!
      Si seulement on avait tout le temps de concretiser toutes les idees …;-)


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