Caramelized Carrots

Yellow-Orange, hand colored block print for the book, Sustenance For A Wild Woman. 8 x 10″ $65

Hello! It’s been a whirlwind several weeks. Not so much over as just wanting to get a few more cold weather comfort recipes out here before turning to other things. Speaking of, next post will be some philosophical thoughts behind a somewhat radical act I’m about to take as a self-employed artist. Till then, another low-effort item i could eat every day.

CARAMELIZED CARROT SLICES                                                         

prep time: active 15 min., passive approx. 90-120 min.

Slice carrots thickly, about ⅜”, on a long diagonal.

Put 2-3 T  of untoasted sesame or a neutral oil in a large heavy skillet set on medium-low heat.

Add a dash or two of  ground chiles and an optional bit of minced ginger to taste.

Lay the slices in one layer, packed very tightly if need be.

Cover and cook on fairly, but not super, low for roughly 60-90 minutes, until the bottom sides starts to color golden, barely thinking about brown. Don’t hurry them, the flavor depends on slow cooking.

Turn each slice individually using two forks. This is the reason for slicing on the diagonal — less slices to turn.

Continue cooking until the second side is nicely caramelized and browned. That will be much quicker, about ⅓ the time it took the first side. The total time is usually right around two hours in a heavy cast iron skillet.

Remove from heat, add a moderate splash of tamari to the pan (it will sizzle and steam), quickly toss well and serve. If you cringe at the thought of losing some tamari to the frying pan, don’t. The flavor is simply not right if it is added afterward in the serving bowl. Adding the tamari to the pan enhances the carrots’ sweetness, which is already heightened by the caramelizing.


Arge Moth, mixed media on panel, framed 7×5″, $200

Laurie Goodhart and her husband co-founded and operated two certified organic artisanal goat fromageries, Nettle Meadow in Warrensburg, NY from 1990 to 2005 and Domaine De Courval in Waterville, Quebec from 2006 to 2017. She created and trademarked the multiple award-winning cheese, Kunik. For more about her how her life experience brought her to develop time-saving ways to eat as much nutrient-dense food from her local environment as possible, see this previous post

Goodhart lives in upstate NY and continues her work as a professional artist and avid home gardener. Since 2007 she has devoted most of her studio time to an extensive body of work collected under the concept, Remnants And Residents Of A Lost Sanctuary Of Aphrodite.

Laurie can be reached through her website,


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  1. claire garand says:

    b8 Laurie

    thank you for your great information

    hope all is well with you and Raynald. we saw Pierrette and Louis recently
    we intend to leave for Florida on December 15 Jaco should see his heart dr
    on the 14 …

    winter is here …way too soon for us .. it is cold and snowing

    hope all is well with maxine Mae .and Wilder

    Claire xxxx😘❤️

    Envoyé de mon iPad


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