A Namesake Book

image for the beige-brown chapter

Well, actually this blog is named for a book that’s been a side project for a few years and is now nearly complete. It’s a collection of INNOVATIVE food-related notes on growing, harvesting, and prep methods I’ve evolved, combining a commitment to eat as much WILD and HOME-GROWN food as possible with an over-full life of unrelated passions and pursuits.

I’ve found that most homecooking-leaning-toward-homesteading advice and recipes presume a lifestyle centered around the kitchen. The techniques I want to share enable one to be doing non-kitchen things a whole lot more while increasing the deep nutrition.

initial proof for red chapter

It’s divided into chapters by color, an approach I’ve used for over 30 years to maintain a balanced diet without excessive thinking.

The visuals in this post are a few of the initial proofs for the prints. The decorative text in each are side notes roaming from the philosophical to the pragmatic.

opening image proof

The book is also conceived in the ancient tradition of books — that is, handmade. There will be a very limited edition of entirely handwritten, hand-printed, hand-painted books (3 max.) as well as a mechanically reproduced edition at a non-artwork price. Though it’s unlikely to be available in the next few weeks, it will be soon and I’m delighted to share that I’ve recently located a printer of art books who can match the format of the original block prints and use a good, heavy paper.


The book is complete and proofed!

If I can get close to 100 pre-orders, I’ll be able to offer it at $30, if not, it will be $39.  Write me if you would like to know more or pre-order: leave a comment below or at my website, or sign up for the occasional newsletter here .

The print shown below, now the dust jacket, is inspired by an Aztec story told to fluent Nahuatl speaker, Fr. Diego Duran in the 16th century. It conveys an ambivalence about cacao. Since cacao is something I love but will never grow, and the story is not my own, the text is largely about its graphic element and is intentionally printed in reverse.

A slightly quirky artist book that is full of innovative and useful information as well.

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  1. Can’t wait to hold it in my hand!


  2. Anne says:

    Just beautiful, Laurie. The text is rich and the integration with your art makes it truly special.


    1. Thank you, Sara! I am sending out a newsletter in a couple hours with more on the book and other new things. You can privately send me an email address through my website contact page if you’d like to receive it. (The e-newsletters are extremely rare, they wouldn’t drive anyone crazy https://lauriegoodhart.net/contact.html


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