Beauty and Imagination


Still Life With Tattooed Figurine

I paint imaginary relics from ancient cultures. The beauty, materials, and purposes of ancient artifacts fascinate me. Humans have not changed much since we first appeared, and I look for  threads of continuity in our needs and concerns.

The actual artifacts that remain are often our only links — clues — to a world that was largely silent except for the the sounds made by the elements, other creatures, and our own feet, hands, and voices.  It was, compared to how we live now, relatively devoid of clutter and “stuff” to guard and maintain (although garbage heaps are well documented in archeological excavations).

What filled that clearer psychic space long ago is a mystery to us now, but no doubt imagination played a significant role, as evidenced in the gorgeous 2- and 3-dimensional forms, and the dances, songs, and stories that remain, whole or in tatters.  

We still have our imaginations. We still have the same survival needs too, We are not really that far away.


The Bronze Mirror

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